We know you’ve missed us, we’ve missed you too ……. The RMDS Summer Show is back for 2022!
We’re hoping that this year’s summer show will be the BIGGEST and BEST yet, so we’re really pleased to be inviting you to sign up for it now. Our three creative teams have already started planning their sections and unlike previous years, we’re inviting you to express a preference (if any) on which section you’d like to be in.
Dave & Cindy Wischusen will be setting the action on an aeroplane, which will be full of interesting characters and their differing approaches to life. The plane goes missing and the whole plot will centre around this
Yvonne Zaremski will be setting sail on a cruise ship, so climb aboard and come on a journey that is as much a part of the experience as the various destinations on the way…… but be careful not to “Rock the Boat”
Jemma Wright will be presenting a mash up of Phantom of the Opera, with Frankenstein and a bit of science Fiction thrown in for good measure!
Please get in touch with us via the contact form on the website or directly to Andy Steeds asteeds@aol.com who is coordinating the show this year. There will be an initial get together on Wed 13th April at St. John the Baptist Church Hall in Poulner at 8pm where new members can be auditioned and the final groups decided upon.
We’re particularly keen to attract new members and would remind you that anyone joining the Society for this year’s summer show will have their membership extended to September 2023 – meaning they could get 2 summer shows, an Autumn play and an Easter Musical for one year’s membership (which is only £40 for adults or £10 for under 25’s)